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Mix ‘n Match Weight Loss & Maintenance Plan + Recipe Book

by Natalie Clarke

Publisher - Life Learning Apps

Category - Family & Health

Ever had trouble sticking to a diet or craving junk foods? The good news is: if you’ve failed at diets or health changes in the past, there is a key to success.  This Getting Started Guide will assist you with strategies and over 55 simple and tasty recipes to achieve optimum success on your journey to wellness. Cleansing, replenishing, revitalising and enriching your mind and body are all important aspects for the journey. They are as follows:

(a) Cleansing: Removing what is not needed

(b) Replenishing: Giving what is required for wellness

(c) Revitalising:  Extras that enhance wellness

(d) Enriching: Providing what is needed to yourself    

Whatever you do or dream, you can begin it….Choose what is best for your body to finally make lasting and healthy changes. 

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