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by Tikiri Herath

Publisher - Nefertiti Press

Category - General Novel

A young girl. A foreign land. An assassination. 

What would you do if you were an outcast, a stranger in a foreign land?  


All Asha wants is to belong.

Born of families from two different races and living in a third, she's always the stranger.

The day she commits a crime in a desperate bid to keep a friendship, her world collapses in a fiery crash. She is left to fend for herself at only twelve years old.

Will this be the end of her life?

Or is this the beginning of an unthinkable new one?



Shattered, formerly titled Beginnings, is the prequel to The Red Heeled Rebels suspense saga. In this story, the thrill of Kill Bill meets the bloodthirst vengeance of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo.

This series features a diverse cast of gutsy heroines who race across the world to fight for their lives and for those still shackled by unimaginable horrors.

And the villains pay. Oh yes, they pay dearly in the end.

If you like gripping stories with non-stop globetrotting vigilante action and complex twists that leave you at the edge of your seat, you’ll love these books.

Pick up Shattered to go on a wild ride around the world without having to get a passport or even buy an airline ticket


 The Red Heeled Rebels series includes:

Prequel STORY: Shattered (formerly Beginnings)

Book ONE: Betrayed (formerly Disowned)

Book TWO: Abducted

Book THREE: Exiled

Go to www.RedHeeledRebels.com to get the exclusive prequel to this story.


Praise for the Red Heeled Rebels Series:

Winner First-In-Category - 2019 Chanticleer Somerset Award

Winner in Suspense Category - 2018 New York Big Book Award

Silver Medal Winner, 2019 Excellence E-Lit Award

Grand Prize Award Finalist - 2019 Eric Hoffer Award

First Horizon Award Finalist - 2019 Eric Hoffer Award

General Fiction Honorable Mention - 2019 Eric Hoffer Award

Finalist in Suspense Category - 2018 & 2019 Silver Falchion Award

Honorable Mention - 2018-19 Reader Views Literary Classics Award

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